Seismic detectors 

The range of seismic detectors from Vanderbilt are specifically designed for round-the-clock monitoring of safes, automated teller machines (ATMs), night deposits, strong rooms and modular vaults and protection against vandalism and theft. Easy to install and program, the seismic detectors offer one of the highest detection range and false alarm immunity on the market, and are optimized for installation on steel, concrete and synthetic composite materials.


The combination of advanced digital signal processing and the SenstecTM bimorph sensor technology enables any mechanical or thermal attack to be immediately detected: The intruder alarm is triggered repeatedly during the attack, giving ample time for intervention before the intruder has managed to gain access to the valuables or serious structural damage is done.

This seismic detection technology also ensures that environmental disturbances are ignored, and false alarms eliminated.


Seismic Detectors



Vanderbilt Seismic Calculation Tool

Planning the detection layout of a protected surface requires the consideration of many factors in order to provide the highest security level. The Vanderbilt Seismic Calculation Tool assists in the design process. Enter the operating radius of the chosen detector as well as the dimensions of the wall, ceiling or floor and the Vanderbilt Seismic Calculation Tool will automatically calculate:


    • The number of detectors required.
    • The optimum spacing of the detectors to maximize the detection coverage.


Click on the picture and save the file to your PC or laptop prior to running the application. For more information about how to use the Vanderbilt Seismic Calculation Tool, please refer to the user instructions within this document.


Vanderbilt Seismic Calculation Tool - download by clicking on the picture!