New RMA registration process

In order to optimize the handling of product returns, Vanderbilt is launching a new online RMA registration process. This process is supported by an online fill-out form that is self-explanatory and easy to use; it also clearly outlines under which conditions a product can be returned.


The new online form is available under the Support / After Sales page. For the customers who can log in to the partner area of our website, the setup enables all available customer account information to be automatically pre-filled on the form, thus ensuring correct data transfer and greater convenience for the user. The non-registered customers need to add this information manually. However, mid-term this second option will be replaced by a fully automated and secured process for all customers implying that they will all need to be registered users. After click on ‘SEND’ you should receive an e-mail confirming your placed RMA. In case the e-mail is not received, please contact


Vanderbilt is committed to enhance customer experience and satisfaction by continuously improving its tools and processes - this change is a proof/an illustration of this/our commitment.


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